Urjala school

The new school building of Urjala, a small town in the Tampere region, was completed and opened in April 2017. The new school also serves as a community centre. The big sports hall can be used for games and practices and the school gym is open for all the residents of Urjala.

The modern building was designed by local architect Mikko Uotila. Muotolevy’s colourful façade panels were used to create interesting contrasts and give the building a unique and fun look fit for a modern school.

We photographed Urjala school for Muotolevy.

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Roihuvuori primary school

Roihuvuori primary school was designed by architect Aarno Ruusuvuori in 1967 and it is considered to be one of the finest concrete buildings of the era.

The school was renovated in 2016 and we photographed the building for Jeskanen-Repo-Teränne Architects who were in charge of the new architectural design. Before the renovation of the school started in 2013, the building was in a very poor condition and it was nearly demolished. The renovation participants wanted to preserve and highlight the original architecture while creating spaces and structures fit for a modern school.

The result of the renovation is very successful. The concrete walls of the interiors have been preserved and paired with playful colours to brighten up the spaces. The new look is perfectly in line with the original architecture and the building looks authentic but modern.

In January 2017 the renovated school received a Rakentamisen Ruusu award and won an honorary award in the Concrete Structure of the Year (Vuoden Betonirakenne 2016).