Ravintola Kokokana

Tämän viikon projekti on uusi ravintola Kokokana, jonka kuvasimme Pinto Designille. Katso alta kuvauksen parhaat palat ja siirry tästä kuvapankkiimme nähdäksesi koko gallerian.

Kohde: Ravintola Kokokana, Vaasa, 2017
Asiakas: Pinto Design
Arkkitehti: NAC Arkkitehdit
Rakennusyhtiö: Rakennus Oy MTM-Vaasa

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Sandro Tapiola & Sandro Kortteli restaurants

Sandro is a Finnish restaurants chain that consists of four one-of-a-kind restaurants. The third Sandro restaurant, Sandro Kortteli, was opened in December 2016 and the fourth, Sandro Tapiola, in June 2017.

Futudesign was in charge of the interior design of Sandro Tapiola and Sandro Kortteli. All Sandro restaurants look different and have a unique atmosphere fit for the location of the restaurant. Sandro Tapiola, located in Ainoa shopping centre in Espoo, is a fun and colourful space and Sandro Kortteli, located in Kamppi in central Helsinki, is stylish and more sophisticated.

We photographed the restaurants for Futudesign.

All the images are available for licensing. If you are interested in licensing images, view the entire Sandro Tapiola and Sandro Kortteli galleries and contact Rita (rita@kuvio.com, +358 40 485 6565) for licensing terms and conditions.

Stockmann Roof bar

The rooftop of Stockmann department store in Helsinki centre had always been closed to the public but in May 2017 Stockmann Roof bar was opened. Located on the 8th and 9th floors of the department store, the rooftop terrace offers spectacular views over the heart of Helsinki. The rooftop bar is run by Restaurant Teatteri.

Stockmann Roof was designed by Pinto Design. The aim was to create a space that’s in line with the look of Restaurant Teatteri. The industrial details of the rooftop space were retained and the terrace was brightened up with streamlined furniture, lighting and plants. The white colour scheme was spiced up with turquoise as a reminder of Helsinki’s green roofs.

We photographed Stockmann Roof for Pinto Design.

Hemingway’s Bar & Café in Hietalahti

Hemingway’s is a bar and coffeehouse chain owned by Restel. The chain has 14 bars across Finland. Hemingway’s is named after the one and only Ernest Hemingway and the bars are designed to serve as cozy and inviting living rooms for the city’s residents and visitors.

The Hemingway’s concept was recently renewed by design agency Pinto Design and the first makeover was done in Hemingway’s Hietalahti, Helsinki. The space was divided into different areas where people can relax over coffee, enjoy some quality drinks or perhaps play a round of snooker.

Hemingway’s Hietalahti was filled with interesting and delightful details: the bar counter was covered with a vivid wood-panelling and the walls were spiced up with Ernest Hemingway quotes and pictures of local landscapes. As a result of the renovation, Hemingway’s Hietalahti is now a functional, unique and fresh meeting place suitable for many uses.

We photographed Hemingway’s Hietalahti for Pinto Design.

Hotellit ja ravintolat

Tämä portfolio on koottu hotelli- ja ravintola-asiakkaidemme kuvaustarpeita ajatellen. Otathan yhteyttä Andersiin (anders@kuvio.com, +358 40 551 2027), jos haluat kuulla lisää kuvauspalveluistamme tai kuvauttaa ravintolan tai hotellin!

This portfolio is made for our hotel and restaurant clients. If you want to hear more about our services or book a photoshoot, please contact Anders (anders@kuvio.com, +358 40 551 2027)!

Two interiors designed by Futudesign

Futudesign is an agency that designs products, interiors, buildings and urban areas. We photographed two of their designs: a modern but warm office and the bar of Helsinki Distilling Company. Both spaces are spiced up by unique details: the golden wall of the office complements the overall colour scheme and the beautifully lit bar counter creates a relaxed but distinguished atmosphere.

Hima & Sali

Hima & Sali is a lively café and lunch restaurant in Helsinki's Kaapelitehdas. It is located in an old factory hall and the industrial details of the space give it a unique feeling. Our office is in the same building so we visit Hima & Sali on a daily basis and love the food and the atmosphere.

These photos were taken for Hima & Sali's new website.


Löyly, Helsinki's most famous public sauna, was opened in May 2016 and it immediately became a popular place for locals and tourists to enjoy the sea, the saunas and the intriguing architecture. The unique wooden structure conceals three saunas and the huge decks spread out to the sea. In addition to the saunas, Löyly also has a restaurant, a bar and a pier where people can take a dip in the sea after the sauna.

Löyly was designed by Avanto Architects who commissioned us to photograph the intricate building.