Artek Helsinki

Viikon projekti on Artekin lippulaivamyymälä Helsingin keskustassa.

Kohde: Artek Helsinki, 2017
Asiakas: Artek

Stockmann Tapiola department store

As a part of the renovation of Ainoa shopping center in Espoo, Stockmann Tapiola department store was completely renewed in spring 2017. The new department store focuses on fashion, cosmetics, home & living and Delicatessen.

The renewed Stockmann Tapiola was designed by a German design and marketing agency Blocher Partners. Each department of the store was given a unique look best suited for the department’s brands and products. Natural materials and references to the nature were used to link the department store to the surrounding green suburb and the feeling of quality was achieved through thoughtful design and high-end finishes.

We photographed Stockmann Tapiola for Blocher Partners and its communication department Typenraum.

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Iittala & Arabia Design Centre

Iittala & Arabia Design Centre is located in the Arabia factory building in Helsinki. The Design Centre showcases the beloved designs of Iittala and Arabia and allows visitors to get creative and gain in-depth knowledge about the brands.

The Design Centre consists of a store, the Design Museum Arabia, the Design Lab and the Arabia Art Department Society. The spaces and the furniture in them are designed by Futudesign. The coloured glass walls, the light wooden furniture and the colour choices complement Iittala and Arabia’s timeless designs and make the spaces feel beautiful, airy and harmonious.

We photographed the Iittala & Arabia Design Centre for Futudesign.


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