Clarion Hotel Helsinki

Clarion Hotel Helsinki, designed by Davidsson Tarkela Architects, was opened in October 2016. The 16-floor hotel offers its visitors spectacular views over the city. The hotel feels international with its unique rooftop pool and glamorous sky bar.

Clarion Hotel Helsinki is filled with international and Finnish design classics such as Artek’s famous 611 chairs. The captivating pixel paintings created by Sami Lukkarinen and the vivid wood paneling of the lobby complete the modern and timeless ambiance of the hotel.

We were commissioned to photograph the eye-catching building by Davidsson Tarkela Architects.

Clarion Hotel Helsinki Timelapse

Clarion Hotel Helsinki opened its doors in October 2016 after several years of planning and a few setbacks. In the earlier plans the hotel was the shape of a cross and had as many as 33 floors. In the end the amount of floors was reduced down to 16 and the controversial cross-like design was replaced by two sleek and modern towers designed by Davidsson Tarkela Architects.

The construction began in April 2015 and we documented the entire construction project with a timelapse camera. Watch the video to see Helsinki's newest landmark rise from the ground to the sky!