Leipätehtaan Bruket Cafe

Tämän viikon projektina esittelemme kuvamme kahvila ja lounasravintola Bruket Cafesta. Kuvasimme Leipätehtaan uuden kohtaamispaikan alkuvuodesta Arkkitehtitoimisto Konkretille.

Projekti: Bruket Cafe, Leipätehdas, Helsinki, 2019
Arkkitehti: Arkkitehtitoimisto Konkret

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Konkretin toimisto

Tällä viikolla esittelemme Arkkitehtitoimisto Konkretin uuden toimiston.

Kohde: Konkretin toimisto, Helsinki, 2017
Asiakas: Arkkitehtitoimisto Konkret

Swimming pool area by Konkret Architects

We photographed this renovated swimming pool area for Konkret Architects. The pool is located on the top floor of an office building in Helsinki’s Siltasaari and it’s a part of a Sauna2 rental space for parties and events. 

The spacious pool surely makes the room a hit among the guests but the space itself is also very enjoyable. The shape of the room is diverse and interesting and the materials used in the space are beautiful. The vivid concrete and the wall tiles contrast nicely with the warm wood of the ceiling and the different shades of grey create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Helsingin Viuhka

Helsingin Viuhka is an apartment building located right next to the Rastila metro station in Eastern Helsinki. The clever balconies give the building an interesting and graphic texture and make it a memorable landmark of the suburb. 

The tower block was built on a very tight and challenging piece of land and the successful outcome is a product of thorough cooperation. The hard work of the project participants paid off because Helsingin Viuhka was recently awarded the Concrete Structure of 2016 (Vuoden Betonirakenne 2016).

Konkret Architects was in charge of the architectural design and we photographed the building for them.