Wärtsilän pääkonttori

Tämän viikon projektina esittelemme John Stenbergin ranta 2:n, joka on toiminut Wärtsilän pääkonttorina vuodesta 1978 lähtien. Tuotimme kohteesta lyhyen esittelyvideon esimerkiksi lyhyemmistä markkinointivideoistamme.

Projekti: Wärtsilän pääkonttori, John Stenbergin ranta 2, Helsinki
Rakennusvuosi: 1938
Arkkitehti: Yngve Lagerblad
Remonttien arkkitehdit: Ilmo Valjakka (1978), Arkkitehtitoimisto Pekka Helin & Co (2003, 2005)

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Koivusaaren metroasema -video

Valokuvausten lisäksi palveluihimme kuuluu myös videotuotanto. Tämä video Koivusaaren uudesta metroasemasta on esimerkki lyhyemmistä markkinointivideoistamme. Koivusaaren metroaseman on suunnitellut Arkkitehtitoimisto Pekka Helin & Co.

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Varma Salmisaari

Tällä viikolla esittelyssä on Varman Salmisaaren kiinteistön markkinointivideo, jonka kuvasimme Varmalle yhteistyössä bränditoimisto Werkligin kanssa.

Otathan yhteyttä, jos olet kiinnostunut kuulemaan lisää videotuotantomme mahdollisuuksista! Lisää esimerkkejä videoprojekteistamme löydät Vimeo-sivuiltamme.

The office of Kohina

Kohina is a design agency that creates brand-building spaces and visual identities. They commissioned us to photograph their own office in Helsinki. In addition to the stills, we also produced a video that showcases the office.

As one might expect, Kohina’s office is stylish and thoughtful. The graphic black lines continue throughout the spaces and the black and white colour scheme is spiced up with fresh green plants. The 2nd floor, used by the digital marketing agency Grapevine, is equally trendy and monochrome.

Kaapelitehdas' rooftop sauna Verner

The rooftop of Kaapelitehdas offers spectacular views over the sea, the harbour and the suburb of Lauttasaari. The views now serve as the perfect backdrop for meetings and parties as the recently finished rooftop sauna Verner is open for reservations.

In addition to the log sauna, the rental space consists of a room for meetings and eating and a spacious rooftop terrace with breathtaking sea views.

Kaapelitehdas commissioned us to photograph the space. We also produced a video and a 360° presentation that showcase the beautiful log sauna and its magnificent setting.

Click the links below the photos to see the video and the 360° presentation.

Click here to watch the video.

Click here to view the 360° presentation.

Video production

This video displays some of the techniques we use when documenting the built environment in video. If you are interested in hearing more about the opportunities of our video production, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Nightsky in Kumlinge

Kumlinge is a municipality consisting of a group of small islands in Åland, an autonomous territory of Finland. Kumlinge, which is also the name of the largest island in the group, means "rocky passage." It also happens to be one of the darkest places you can find in Finland, due to the lack of large cities or street lighting nearby. We had a chance to visit Kumlinge in late December and actually had a few clear skied nights. It was a perfect chance to test out some nightsky timelapses. Aside from the multitude of stars, satellites and shooting stars, we caught a clear view of the Milkyway. To top it all off, we even managed to capture a brief view of the aurora borealis.

Clarion Hotel Helsinki Timelapse

Clarion Hotel Helsinki opened its doors in October 2016 after several years of planning and a few setbacks. In the earlier plans the hotel was the shape of a cross and had as many as 33 floors. In the end the amount of floors was reduced down to 16 and the controversial cross-like design was replaced by two sleek and modern towers designed by Davidsson Tarkela Architects.

The construction began in April 2015 and we documented the entire construction project with a timelapse camera. Watch the video to see Helsinki's newest landmark rise from the ground to the sky!