Hemingway’s Bar & Café in Hietalahti

Hemingway’s is a bar and coffeehouse chain owned by Restel. The chain has 14 bars across Finland. Hemingway’s is named after the one and only Ernest Hemingway and the bars are designed to serve as cozy and inviting living rooms for the city’s residents and visitors.

The Hemingway’s concept was recently renewed by design agency Pinto Design and the first makeover was done in Hemingway’s Hietalahti, Helsinki. The space was divided into different areas where people can relax over coffee, enjoy some quality drinks or perhaps play a round of snooker.

Hemingway’s Hietalahti was filled with interesting and delightful details: the bar counter was covered with a vivid wood-panelling and the walls were spiced up with Ernest Hemingway quotes and pictures of local landscapes. As a result of the renovation, Hemingway’s Hietalahti is now a functional, unique and fresh meeting place suitable for many uses.

We photographed Hemingway’s Hietalahti for Pinto Design.