Parliament House

The Parliament House is the home of the Parliament of Finland and one of the most well-known landmarks in Helsinki. The iconic building was designed by architect J. S. Sirén and the construction was completed in 1931.

The complete renovation of the Parliament House began in 2015 and ended in Autumn 2017. The two main objectives of the renovation were modernizing the old building technology and restoring the building to its original glory. The Parliament House is a protected building and all the renovations were completed under the supervision of the National Board of Antiquities.

The restoration work had a huge impact on the interiors. The surfaces were cleaned and brightened, the stairs were straightened and the furniture were conserved. The famous Plenary Session Hall got its former shine back as the darkened dome ceiling was cleaned and repaired and the bronze statues were replaced by the original gold-plated sculptures.

The architect of the renovation was Helin & Co Architects who commissioned us to photograph the results of the successful project.

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