Stockmann Roof bar

The rooftop of Stockmann department store in Helsinki centre had always been closed to the public but in May 2017 Stockmann Roof bar was opened. Located on the 8th and 9th floors of the department store, the rooftop terrace offers spectacular views over the heart of Helsinki. The rooftop bar is run by Restaurant Teatteri.

Stockmann Roof was designed by Pinto Design. The aim was to create a space that’s in line with the look of Restaurant Teatteri. The industrial details of the rooftop space were retained and the terrace was brightened up with streamlined furniture, lighting and plants. The white colour scheme was spiced up with turquoise as a reminder of Helsinki’s green roofs.

We photographed Stockmann Roof for Pinto Design.

Hemingway’s Bar & Café in Hietalahti

Hemingway’s is a bar and coffeehouse chain owned by Restel. The chain has 14 bars across Finland. Hemingway’s is named after the one and only Ernest Hemingway and the bars are designed to serve as cozy and inviting living rooms for the city’s residents and visitors.

The Hemingway’s concept was recently renewed by design agency Pinto Design and the first makeover was done in Hemingway’s Hietalahti, Helsinki. The space was divided into different areas where people can relax over coffee, enjoy some quality drinks or perhaps play a round of snooker.

Hemingway’s Hietalahti was filled with interesting and delightful details: the bar counter was covered with a vivid wood-panelling and the walls were spiced up with Ernest Hemingway quotes and pictures of local landscapes. As a result of the renovation, Hemingway’s Hietalahti is now a functional, unique and fresh meeting place suitable for many uses.

We photographed Hemingway’s Hietalahti for Pinto Design.

HASO Gunilla & As Oy Lorentzinpuisto

Kruunuvuorenranta, a new residential area in Laajasalo, Helsinki, is planned to become a vibrant urban suburb surrounded by nature. HASO Gunilla and As Oy Lorentzinpuisto are some of the newest additions to the developing neighborhood.

HASO Gunilla was designed by Architects Brunow & Maunula and As Oy Lorentzinpuisto by Playa Architects. The apartment buildings were built for Helsinki’s housing production and they consist of 170 apartments. The diverse property is bordered by nature and brightened up by intricate light installations.

We photographed the buildings for Skanska. 

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Helsinki’s West Harbour, Terminal 2

West Harbour, located in Jätkäsaari, is one of the busiest ports in Helsinki. West Harbour’s second terminal was built to ease and improve the fast ferry traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn and it was opened for passengers in February 2017.

West Terminal 2 was designed by architect Tuomas Silvennoinen from PES Architects. The terminal was designed to be functional and durable but also beautiful. The walking distances have been minimized and the vehicle traffic routes are practical. The waiting hall offers stunning sea views for the passengers. The building’s modern shape and the glass, steel and wood surfaces highlight the feeling of an international passenger terminal.

We photographed West Terminal 2 for Muotolevy and APRT. Muotolevy's facade panels were used in the terminal building and APRT designed the vehicle check-in area.

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Myyrmanni Shopping Center

Myyrmanni is one of Citycon’s Finnish shopping centers. It is located in Myyrmäki, Vantaa, right next to the Myyrmäki railway station. Located in an important spot for the commuters and residents of the area, Myyrmanni has up to 22 000 daily visitors.

Myyrmanni was first opened in 1994 and it has since undergone several renovations. As a result, the shopping center now looks fresh and up-to-date. During the past few years, Myyrmanni's selection of shops, cafés and restaurants has been improved. The latest addition to the services is a new S-market grocery store that was opened in spring 2017.

We took these commercial photos for Citycon.

Nature photography by Anders Portman

Our photographer Anders Portman’s workdays revolve around commissions and photoshoots but photography is also one of his favorite pastimes.

Traveling across Finland for work and holidays, Anders has seen all kinds of breath-taking landscapes. He selected a few of his impressive nature photos to share with us.

Iso Omena Shopping Center

Iso Omena is a versatile shopping center located in Espoo, a short drive away from Helsinki. The shopping center was opened in the early 2000s and it was expanded and improved in 2016-2017.

The second phase of the renovation was completed in April 2017. New shops and restaurants were opened and the Finnkino movie theater was reformed. With over 200 stores, Iso Omena is now the second largest shopping center in Finland.

Iso Omena’s owner, Citycon, commissioned us to do a commercial photoshoot to showcase the fresh new interiors and the inviting atmosphere of the renewed shopping center.

Aviabulevardi Office Building

Aviabulevardi I is a modern office building located near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in the international area of Aviapolis. The building itself consists of numerous office spaces and a hotel, Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport. The building was designed by SARC Architects and the construction was completed in April 2016.

Aviabulevardi’s setting makes it a perfect place for companies operating internationally. The Ring Rail Line’s Aviapolis station is right outside and the airport is only one station away. International visitors can stay at Clarion Hotel in the same building. The bold monochrome façade and the sleek and light interiors complete the inspiring and professional atmosphere fit for modern businesses.

We photographed the building for Skanska.

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Helsinki from a new perspective

Last summer we did a helicopter photoshoot above Helsinki and took some fascinating aerial photos of the city’s sights, streets and shores.

The photos offer a unique perspective on Helsinki: the city plan forms graphic patterns and the shores and the buildings reveal their actual shapes. The bird's eye view shows the familiar sights like Linnanmäki, the Temppeliaukio church and the Senate Square in a new and intriguing way.

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The office of Kohina

Kohina is a design agency that creates brand-building spaces and visual identities. They commissioned us to photograph their own office in Helsinki. In addition to the stills, we also produced a video that showcases the office.

As one might expect, Kohina’s office is stylish and thoughtful. The graphic black lines continue throughout the spaces and the black and white colour scheme is spiced up with fresh green plants. The 2nd floor, used by the digital marketing agency Grapevine, is equally trendy and monochrome.

Tieto Keilalahti Campus

Tieto Plc. recently moved its head office to Keilaniemi, Espoo. The office building was designed by architects Pekka Helin and Tuomo Sitkonen and it was constructed in 1995-1997. Over the years, the building has served as the office of other well-known Finnish companies and it was originally built to be the head office of Nokia.

The building itself might be twenty years old but as the head office Tieto it looks very modern and up-to-date. The high atrium is lit with a beautiful light installation created by Tapio Rosenius and his team at Lighting Design Collective. The streamlined furniture, the round shapes of the spaces and the creative lighting solutions give the office an elegant futuristic feel.

We photographed the office for Helin & Co Architects.

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Kaapelitehdas' rooftop sauna Verner

The rooftop of Kaapelitehdas offers spectacular views over the sea, the harbour and the suburb of Lauttasaari. The views now serve as the perfect backdrop for meetings and parties as the recently finished rooftop sauna Verner is open for reservations.

In addition to the log sauna, the rental space consists of a room for meetings and eating and a spacious rooftop terrace with breathtaking sea views.

Kaapelitehdas commissioned us to photograph the space. We also produced a video and a 360° presentation that showcase the beautiful log sauna and its magnificent setting.

Click the links below the photos to see the video and the 360° presentation.

Click here to watch the video.

Click here to view the 360° presentation.

On the Road – a photography exhibition by Martin Sommerschield

Our photographer Martin Sommerschield is hosting a photography exhibition in Hima & Sali restaurant at Kaapelitehdas. The exhibition consists of photos he has taken during his travels, literally on the road.

“I have always been fascinated by life on the road. For me the empty road symbolizes freedom and the possibilities ahead but also the many exciting people you might meet along the way. My work and personal travels have brought me to interesting places and in the exhibition I present a selection of works from around the world”, Martin explains.

The exhibition is done in collaboration with and all the photos have been printed on Finnish birch plywood. Watch the video and view the photos to see the production process and the finished prints!

The exhibition is held in Hima & Sali restaurant from the 1st of April to the 31st of May. For more information about the location and the opening hours, visit Hima & Sali's website.

Säterinportti Office Showroom

This lively office showroom was designed by Räihä Interiors. The office is located in the Säterinportti office building in Espoo. The vibrant colours and the playful furniture choices create an inspiring but professional atmosphere to work in.

We photographed the office showroom for Räihä Interiors. 

Hotel F6

Hotel F6 is a lovely family-owned boutique hotel located in the heart of Helsinki. The name of the hotel stems from its address, Fabianinkatu 6. The building was designed by architect Runar Finnilä and built in 1939.

The hotel’s 66 rooms are filled with quality furniture, beautiful materials and delightful details. The hotel feels classy, unique and tasteful but the atmosphere is also very welcoming and cozy.

We took these photos for the hotel’s marketing.

Roihuvuori primary school

Roihuvuori primary school was designed by architect Aarno Ruusuvuori in 1967 and it is considered to be one of the finest concrete buildings of the era.

The school was renovated in 2016 and we photographed the building for Jeskanen-Repo-Teränne Architects who were in charge of the new architectural design. Before the renovation of the school started in 2013, the building was in a very poor condition and it was nearly demolished. The renovation participants wanted to preserve and highlight the original architecture while creating spaces and structures fit for a modern school.

The result of the renovation is very successful. The concrete walls of the interiors have been preserved and paired with playful colours to brighten up the spaces. The new look is perfectly in line with the original architecture and the building looks authentic but modern.

In January 2017 the renovated school received a Rakentamisen Ruusu award and won an honorary award in the Concrete Structure of the Year (Vuoden Betonirakenne 2016).



Tieto Plc.'s Offices by Helin & Co Architects

We were commissioned to photograph Tieto Plc.'s new offices in Keilaniemi by Helin & Co Architects. In addition to shooting stills, we also tested some new video equipment and made a short video. The light installation in the atrium is designed by Tapio Rosenius and his team at Lighting Design Collective.

The office of N2

The new office of creative agency N2 Helsinki was opened in the fall 2016. Futudesign designed the contemporary and functional office space located in an old industrial hall and we photographed the office for them.  

The office consists of several meeting and working spaces designed to fit the needs of the creative agency. In addition to the areas dedicated to work and meetings, the office also has a kitchen and a cafeteria where people can enjoy lunches prepared by a chef.

The office looks like a home of a creative agency: it’s modern, trendy and unique. The funky lights give the spaces some playful edge and the materials and the structures celebrate the industrial setting.